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Palouse falls sunriseColor me pink Adams!Sun rising behind the giant waves of rolling hills ocean, at Steptoe ButteBig ball of fire, lighting the skyEagle and the sunset, a special PNW eveningSeattle sounds and sun raysNature's spotlightFirst sun of 2018, rises over Seattle.Another sunset from last year, December 23, discovery parkSunset reflections750_5236-HDR-Edit-2-Edit-EditParty on the beachDSC_9728-Edit-EditDSC_8460-EditSunset colors, June 30th 2017I see redSun was looking really hot last evening, June 5th, 2017.sunset silhouettes, Mount St. Helens area, May 2017.Color me red, says LoowitTotally missed the killer sunset today. Was on road when tried this only shot, while doing 69 mph on 405. Yup, that double white line in mirror is for express lanes.